At Northern Pontoon Ltd along with British pontoon manufacturer Aqua Dock we have developed a floating solar system which allows solar panels to be installed on water bodies worldwide.

Example Locations

Our Floating Solar PV System is suitable for:

Drinking water reservoirs
Quarry Lagoons
Disused Docks
Irrigation Ponds

Floating Modular Solar Pontoon Uses

Our Floating Solar PV System has improved strength, rigidity and quality compared to other products on the market. Using high end British manufactured components with strict quality assurances, we can offer a 25 year guarantee including UV protection for the HDPE plastic floats.

Safety is of high importance, our system allows safe access for personnel during O&M operations, additional components can also be installed such as floating walkways, rescue equipment and edge protection.

Solar Pontoon Safety & Management

Using our highly skilled engineers, we can provide all the necessary design calculations for each project, including stability, loadings and mooring calculations which are specific to the local environment. Working with our approved partners, we also have the ability to offer a full design and installation package.

Modular Custom Floating Solar PV Panel Hire & Installation

Benefits of
Floating PV systems

- Increased generating efficiency (natural cooling effect from the water)
- Installation on disused water bodies instead of precious land space
- No heavy equipment required for installation
- Low environmental impact
- Reduced water evaporation
- Reduced algae growth

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