Our pontoons offer a perfect solution when working on or close to the water.

Floating Work Pontoon Uses

Floating work pontoons can be used to house anything from a small tower scaffold to larger plant and machinery including excavators, diggers and spider cranes. The modular design of our floating work pontoon systems is diverse enough to be built in a variety of shapes and sizes to be suitable for an array of uses, primarily to create access on water for commercial use, such as under bridge access and for waterway maintainance.

The floating pontoons can also be fitted with an outboard motor allowing manoeuvrability along the waterway.

Floating Work Pontoon Deployment

Northern Pontoons modular floating work pontoons are often favoured due to their quick mobilisation times and versatility. Our team has the experience and knowledge to get the floating work pontoon fully installed within one working day making it an ideal option for both commercial and private uses.

Floating Work Pontoon Design & Quality

Northern Pontoon Hire offers a range of options when creating floating work pontoons across river and lakes. The Aqua-Dock plastic modular pontoons offer high stability, versatility and are a complete solution for an instant build that can be carried by hand and assembled on the water. The materials chosen to manufacture our floating work pontoons are fully recyclable food grade materials ensuring that they will not damage the environment and are always safe to use, even on drinking water reservoirs.

Modular Steel Floating Work Pontoon

Our larger steel pontoons create a more substantial floating work pontoons suited for a heavy footfall, pre-fitted with a non-slip timber or fibreglass deck, these are a perfect solution for commercial construction on water and complex waterway maintenance projects.

Floating Work Pontoon Safety & Handrails

All of our floating work pontoons are fitted with a solid edge protection system, access gangways can also be installed forming safe access and egress from the land. We have a variety of handrail options available depending on the project requirements.

Floating Work Pontoon Hire for Commercial Use

Floating Work Pontoon Hire
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